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We create an insight-forward ecosystem to address gaps most startup founders face while navigating blindly through the traditional Indian financial industry. We create a safe-to-experiment environment for innovators, complete with insights and interventions from seasoned thought leaders, so that you can ideate, experiment, evolve and eventually succeed.

What do we do?

We Incubate & then some!


Empathize & Energize

Afthonia knows and understands what it takes to create and build a business—managing multiple recources, multitasking, nurturing networks, garnering capital, the little and big things…
At Afthonia Labs, we work with you to solve specific challenges across the different stages of your startup's lifecycle.
If yours is a startup that has run aground but has a proven idea, we believe it’s worth a restart. Afthonia helps repurpose your ideas and innovations. We support you in areas such as Strategic and Operational Mentorship, Capital Efficiency Insights, Access to Market and Venture Capital Networks and Access to Government and Financial Industry Networks.


Innovate & Accelerate

Afthonia provides value-based and business-driven solutions across the industry. We set the highest benchmarks for consideration, ensuring the cohort of startups that comes within the fold are trusted and credible innovators. We also mate ideas to power some of the larger financial organizations in India with the latest disruptive solutions.

Educational Institutes 

Bridge & Nurture

Afthonia serves as a bridge between Entrepreneurs and global institutions and provides top quality on-campus programmes for the student community.
We design our programmes in way that they retain the institute curriculum but put aspiring edupreneurs in touch with master mentors. We also collaborate with leading management and technology institutes to design programmes for mentoring and innovation. Our aim is to mobilize more entrepreneurs towards India’s fintech landscape over the next few years.

Afthonia’s advisory team of ex-entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley technologists and professional consultants is hands-on. Startups can be sure of in-person coverage each quarter and close collaboration across all elements pre-launch, launch and post-launch.

We are super excited to hear from you. You can apply to our incubation program through our partner F6S

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